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Incentives and Teambuilding in Germany
Get to know your new colleagues or simply enjoy a time-out from your busy schedule. We offer a 
number of teambuilding activities in Germany and Europe that guarantee lots of fun. Some activities 
are strictly stationary, most of our teambuilding activities, however, are mobile and can be 
transported to almost any town or location. 


Cooking Pot Curling / Beer Mug Curling

Curling is fun - using cooking pots or beer mugs it even becomes funny. A number of teams compete with each other while game stats are being displayed on a wall or canvas. Curling can even be realized during Summer months or indoors on artificial ice lanes. 

From 5 to 40 participants

Wrestling Workshops with Alex Wright (WCW Champion)

When doing business becomes a struggle, this workshop will get you prepared. Explore your physical boundaries and learn basic moves and techniques with former WCW World Champion Alex Wright. You better believe: fighting is not a solitary game - this workshop requires lots of team coordination.  

Up to 12 participants


Watch the bricks fall and cause a chain reaction with a number of special effects. Several teams will create one element each and connect them with each other to one big picture which at the end may display a company logo or other graphic. This incentive combines problem-solving and communication. 

30 to 2.000 participants


Dare place higher bets with only play money at stake. You can gamble by yourself or build teams and find out who is the luckiest one. Overall, you will have the opportunity to communicate with one another at the tables. The casino is fully mobile and can be set up at any venue of your choice. 

Up to 300 participants 


Make your childhood dream come true and literally move the earth as the operator of several real-life excavators and lorries. Enjoy commanding heavy machinery, interacting with each other and exercising your skills.  

Up to 40 participants

These are only a few suggestions. More teambuilding activities include 

  • Freeclimbing  
  • Car racing, Quad racing 
  • Rafting, Canoeing 
  • Treasure hunting  
  • Walking on coals  
  • Indoor miniature golf (in your office or hotel)  
  • Horseback riding  
  • Painting 
  • Geocaching, Paper chase 

Please contact us for more ideas.





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